Goodwill Ambassador Award

MACCA Leaders

(Nominations for this award are made by and voted upon by ALL members)

This award is given to a MACCA member who exemplifies servant leadership. The award represents going above and beyond the call of duty in the field of career services and/or MACCA. It recognizes members who have consistently contributed to MACCA through “behind the scenes” leadership and participation on committees, networks, presentations, or conferences. It also recognizes individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the field through human service related career programming and/or the provision of effective career services to under-served populations, nationally or internationally. Recipients in the past have been acknowledged for outstanding service, concern, or support within MACCA, the community, or professionally.

2017 Recipient ~ Cindy Ernharth

Cindy Ernharth, NCC, LPC – 2017 MACCA Registration Chair; Career Advisor, HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community

College: Cindy Ernharth has been in the field of Career Development for over 25 years; she currently serves as a Career

Advisor at HACC, Central PA's Community College. Cindy’s focus is on displaced workers, underserved populations, and

non-traditional students, especially those students in majors that tend to be one gender dominant. While working with women

entering STEM careers she also plans programs promoting Technology Careers to high school students. Cindy also serves

as an academic advisor, allowing her to work with students from entry, to graduation, and develop plans for life and work

after graduation. Cindy has been a member for MACCA for many years. She first served as a PA Member at Large in the

late 1990's. Since 2012, she has been a vital MACCA Board member and continues to serve as the Registration

Chair.Testimony: “Cindy is always available to answer a question, provides incredible year to year knowledge and can be

relied upon for honest straightforward feedback … MACCA is fortunate to have Cindy’s dedication… one of the organization’s

ultimate, “behind the scenes” volunteers!


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