In 2018, career professionals find themselves working with a broad array of clients presenting a variety of circumstances that directly influence career exploration, career decision-making, and career management.  MACCA is thrilled to offer this year’s annual conference with the theme, “Strength in Diversity” to provide insights and strategies for working within this diverse landscape.  At the completion of this packed conference, participants will have not only developed a greater understanding of their own stories as they relate to the topic of diversity, but will also have heard from professionals in the career community who are moving the needle forward with diversity and inclusion.  We hope that you are inspired to take what you learn back to your workplaces and to your clients, to create and develop meaningful and lasting connections, and to have a great time!

From Tracy carter and Flora Stowe, 2018 Conference Co-Chairs

Keynote Presenter :

Wednesday., Dececember 5th        Time: 1:00 – 2:00p

“Strength in Diversity Begins with the Career Professional”

Career professionals face increasing needs, seek access and quality outcomes, and are challenged by fixed resources. Fortunately honoring differences, removing blind spots, and incorporating ideas to scale efforts can create HEROIC mindsets within ourselves, clients and students. This video enhanced and interactive session will challenge and inspire us to examine ourselves to understand those who are wonderfully different.

Participants will be able to: (1) examine personal beliefs about privilege and access; (2) understand the elements of a HEROIC mindset; (3) connect purpose to the "good life" (Leider, 2015); and (4) consider scaling efforts to reach more clients!

Thur., Dec 6th    Time: 8:30 -- 11:00am

“Who You Are Matters”

In this highly interactive group discovery experience, Rich Feller will lead participants through Who You Are Matters!, a fun interactive technique which introduces players to the “One Life Tools” narrative framework.  This technique is perfect for career counseling and coaching professionals in all settings - universities and colleges, career and employment centers, and business and industry.  

Participants will: (1) analyze and self-evaluate personal life stories that influence the counseling process;  (2) increase their abilities to show empathy and provide direct communication;  (3) deliver constructive feedback.; and (4) use their Clarification Sketch to go deeper into their life clarifications and intentional explorations.

This experiential session will spark meaningful conversations and help participants to connect the dots in their professional and personal lives.


Rich Feller, Ph.D. is Professor Emeritus of Counseling and Career Development and a Distinguished Teaching Scholar at Colorado State University. A past-President of the National Career Development Association, he is currently the Lead Trainer for the Career Development Network’s JCTC/JCDC Coach Certificate. Rich is co-author of 3 books, 6 film series, and the Who You Are Matters! Narrative assessment process game; Chief Advisor to You Science; Thought Leader for AARP’s Life Reimagined initiative; and Board Advisor to Singapore National University’s Center for Future Ready Graduates. Rich has served as a consultant to organizations on six continents and is a NCDA Eminent Career Recipient.

Rich Feller, Ph.D

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