A few comments from our 2018 Strength in Diversity Conference*

In 2018, career professionals found themselves working with a broad array of clients presenting a variety of circumstances that directly influence career exploration, career decision-making, and career management.  MACCA was thrilled to offer this annual conference with the theme, “Strength in Diversity” to provide insights and strategies for working within this diverse landscape.  

At the completion of this packed conference, participants not only developed a greater understanding of their own stories, as they relate to the topic of diversity, but they also heard from professionals in the career community who are moving the needle forward with diversity and inclusion.  Participates were inspired to take what they learned back to their workplaces and to their clients, to create and develop meaningful and lasting connections.

~Tracy Carter, & Flora Stowe, Conference Co-Chairs

Attendee Statements:

·          I think the conference was excellent. I had a great time - I think it was the best one yet, and I've gone for about 10 years. It's well run, I enjoyed the presentations, was able to see many familiar faces and meet a few new ones (Paula Brand, Global Career Coach).
·          Great theme and presenters. I have been coming to MACCA on and off for decades and have always enjoyed the conference. It's reasonably priced and the travel expenses are low. Great way to earn my CEUs.

·          I LOVED MACCA this year! The sessions were spot on and really cohesive and informative. I learned so much and have a lot of ideas to put into action.
·          Multiple Workshops - Enjoyed the workshops, but limited time options - would be helpful to either have the same workshops offered at 2 different times or listing the PowerPoint slide decks, resource links, handouts, etc. on the MACCA website afterwards for all members to access for future use. Length of Conference - Would prefer the conference be limited to 1-2 days with less keynote speakers and maybe 2 panel discussions instead of spread out over 3 days. Very difficult for small Career Services offices to close operations for 3 straight days!
·         Terrific. I am not college/university-based, and in years past, content has been focused almost solely on that environment. This year, a much more broad application and feel. Expanded self-awareness, invited me to ask the hard questions of myself, and thus, of my clients. Outstanding keynote speaker selection - thank you for that.

Our 2018 Conference Keynote Speakers

Rich Feller, Ph.D

Mykee Fowlin, Psy. D

Ian P. Levy, Ed.D

Shaashawn “The Voyce” Dial

Our Panel Moderator: Nancy Fink

Director, Professional Outplacement Assistance Center 
Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning
Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation

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