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“50th Annual Virtual Conference Celebrating our Past. Embracing the Future. has been approved by NBCC for NBCC credit. Sessions approved for NBCC credit are clearly identified. Middle Atlantic Career Counseling Association (MACCA) is solely responsible for all aspects of the program. NBCC Approval No. SP-3550.”
Important Note: All sessions must be attended live at the virtual conference to receive clock hours. We cannot give credit for the recorded sessions

Cultivating Close and Caring Counseling in the Cloud
Flore Dorcely-Mohr * Senior Director * Career Services, Berkeley College

How do you cultivate a close counseling relationship in a virtual environment? What can practitioners do to foster engagement? How can we address unconscious bias in the process? In what ways can you measure “good results”? If so, how can you evaluate progress? These are some of the questions Flore Dorcely-Mohr used to hear all the time when she first started working online. Since the COVID19 Pandemic hit and everyone was forced online, answers to these questions are more compelling than ever. Join her as she shares what she has learned and best practices compiled from over 10 years of working remotely with students and graduates from entry-level to executive.

Learning Objectives:
· Learn to identify critical components to creating close and caring counseling in the cloud.
· Understand how to foster engagement and evaluate progress within the counseling relationship.
· Explore best practices in online career services including addressing unconscious bias.
· Learn how to evaluate good progress and ways to assess good results.

In Praise of Being Lost in Career
Barry Davis * Career/Executive Coach and Professor * Gift of Self Career Services, LLC

 “Not all those who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tolkien. Many have been here, lost in the maze of career options before them. Even career counselors can have this experience, meandering in their so-called career paths for years until discovering their calling. Why do so many live-in perpetual “Hump Days?” Is there a way to avoid such frustrations? What should we, or our clients and students, do to address the seemingly universal angst that accompanies poor career choices? Attend this practical workshop to address these questions and understand the opportunities that exist in these vocational missteps.

Learning Objectives:
• Understand the insights in realizing “lostness”
• Identify the opportunities present in career “wandering”

• Review a list of key books to engage in finding the way out of the “career forest”

Integrating Foundational Career Development Theories with the Future of Career Counseling:
  Leveraging Technology to Provide Career Development to All

Carla Johnson * Student Success Counselor * College of DuPage &
Ronda Ansted * Founder of Be the Change Solutions & Career Consultant

The fundamentals of career development, while adapting to a changing society, are still incredibly relevant. Finding sustainable career success requires a match of interests, strengths, skills, life goals, and personality. However, guiding people through the career development process and motivating them to stay engaged when encountering obstacles is a perpetual challenge. Career counseling has been primarily limited to one-on-one interactions, which are difficult to scale in a large university or company, or workshops, which lack the individual touch. This is where technology comes in. Strategically leveraging online tools allows for equitable access to career guidance. A pilot at the College of DuPage examined how technology could enhance students’ abilities to make sound decisions about their future.

Learning Objectives:
• Strategies to provide opportunity equity in the career search process
• The reasoning behind a technological approach
• The structure of the pilot project
• The results of the pilot
• Take-aways for colleges looking to improve access for students

Empowering Students to apply their Career Readiness Competencies
Margo J Sassaman * Associate Director Career Management &
Calida Barboza * Assistant Professor,  Digital Innovation Librarian * Millersville University

The Office of Experiential Learning and Career Management and the Library’s Digital Innovation Librarian successfully collaborated in creating an interactive workshop designed to introduce students to the National Association of Colleges and Employers Career Readiness Competencies. Participate in this interactive session designed to simulate how students learn how to assess their career readiness and communicate their competencies to prospective employers through their resume. Learn the advantages of collaborating with the Library staff.

Learning Objectives:
· Attendees will be exposed to successful collaborations across the discipline and learn the benefits of
   partnering with library and instructional design staff
· Attendees will learn how an interactive programs help students to practically apply their experiences
   to the NACE Career Competencies
· Attendees will learn how students developed targeted job search materials through the utilization of
   the NACE competencies.

YOUR Beliefs Go A Long… Way
Faith Saunders (McCalla) * Rehabilitation Counselors * DISCOVER A NEW FUTURE  

Self-awareness, also known as self-knowledge or introspection, is the ability to see oneself clearly and objectively through reflection and introspection. Not only is self-awareness critical for our clients to succeed but, it is also necessary for us to grow professionally and personally. This interactive workshop will focus on the importance of self-awareness for you, the helping professional, as regards to your beliefs (many of which are subconscious) and how they impact your daily interactions both at work and in your personal lives.

Learning Objectives:
· Describe what self-awareness is and identify why it is necessary for their professional growth and
· Describe the relationship between self-awareness, self-leadership and self - assessment
· Apply several tools and strategies to help them self-evaluate so that they can become more self-aware
   and build their self-leadership skills.

The Future is Now – Tips and Techniques for Online Coaching and Training
Jim Peacock * Owner / Principal * Peak-Careers Consulting  

Technology is changing all the time and our clients / students are more comfortable online than ever. But you still cannot assume they know how to use the tool you have chosen or are comfortable using it for coaching sessions or training online. This session will look at multiple Learning Management System (LMS) tools, tips on how to orient people to using them, how to keep them engaged in the online environment, and tips on coaching using zoom, Skype, or other synchronous platforms.

Learning Objectives:
• describe at least two online learning management system (LMS) available for online learning
• define multiple ways to prepare people to get comfortable using an LMS
• list at least 3 ways to make sure clients/students are engaged in the LMS
• describe 5 things you can to prepare / orient people to whatever platform you are usin

How to Play the Interview Game
Lynn Berger * Career Counselor & Coach * Private Practice &
Win Sheffield * Career Coach * Private Practice

Interviews are a prerequisite to landing any job and as a result are a source of stress and anxiety. Some of that is inevitable, but much of what we put ourselves through and the ways in which we often prepare are counterproductive and undermine our performance. The fact is that interviewing is not what it seems and by taking a step back to put the process in perspective greatly increases our chances for success. Recognizing that the interview process is part of your career growth and development can also bring you more understanding, a clearer mind-set and less stress to the interviewing process. Seeing interviewing as a game and learning how to play it helps eliminate much of the pressure we feel when we approach the process as a straight exchange of facts. In addition, in learning to play the game, playing it well can provide satisfaction and even fun. Join career coaches Lynn Berger and Win Sheffield in an interactive workshop to learn how clients can approach interviewing more easily.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn different ways to support their clients to perform better in interviews by successfully playing the  
   interview game.
• Recognize and learn to support their clients to leverage their power in the interview.
• Shift clients’ interview prep to demonstrating value instead of preparing for the worst.
• Reinforce these objectives by
viewing and participating in role-plays demonstrating effective and
   ineffective interviewing.

Workplace Bullying: A Guide to Assisting Clients who are Targeted at Work
Janet Glover-Kerkvliet * Director * Baltimore Job Hunters Support Group &
Sonja Pitts * Owner and Founder * SOSolutions

According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, 60+ million Americans have experienced, observed or been affected by repeated, health-harming, mistreatment of one or more persons by one or more perpetrators on the job. Workplace bullying is abusive conduct that is threatening, humiliating, and/or intimidating. Most workplace bullying is not considered illegal and therefore cannot be prosecuted. Participants will learn about what counselors can do if a client is experiencing bullying in the workplace. Participants will learn about the upcoming formation of the Maryland Healthy Workplace/Freedom from Bullying Working Group (MHW/FBWG), which will promote the professional development of mental health professionals in expanding their ability to assist people experiencing abuse at work and uphold the honor and respect for human dignity that all workers deserve.

Learning Objectives:
· Attendees will learn the definition of workplace bullying and be able to distinguish between bullying,
  harassment, and being in a hostile environment.
· Attendees will understand the social, emotional, and psychological trauma that results from bullying.
· Attendees will review free assessments tools available for use with clients when workplace bullying is
   suspected. Attendees will learn about best practices in assisting bullied targets.
· Attendees will review the status of national and state anti-bullying laws and policies.

#MyPandemicJobSearchPlan: A Community-Based Intensive Incubator for Older
     Workers Unemployed due to the COVID-19 Crisis

Janet Glover-Kerkvliet * Director * Baltimore Job Hunters Support Group

The recent pandemic caused millions of layoffs and high unemployment rates. Workers who are not re-employed after 6 months are increasingly less likely to find jobs. Research demonstrates that job club participation increases the odds of obtaining gainful work. A local job club assisted unemployed workers via TEAMWORKS, an intensive incubator program. The TEAMWORKS curriculum teaches participants to Re-Charge, Re-Design, and Re-Build their life/career paths. The presenter will discuss learnings from the first cohort and implications for workforce development programs.

Learning Objectives:
· Attendees will learn about a model of assisting older long term unemployed workers that address
   social, emotional, psychological issues that accompany job loss.
· Attendees will be able to articulate how various social, economic, and cultural contexts influences job
   searching and employment.
· Attendees will be able to identify the effects of having multiple generations in today

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