Networking Sessions
Tuesday @ 12:40 PM & Wednesday @ 8:30 AM

Probably Psychic Scott Starkey

Entertainment BreakWednesday, 10:20 AM

Scott Starkey became a magician because he thought his kids would think it was cool. Unfortunately, they thought it was stupid... but he kept doing magic anyway, and turned professional in 2012. In 2018, he developed a comedy psychic entertainment act called "Probably Psychic." Scott is Team manager of the web development at Purdue University.

Careers and the Slinky® - Promoting Creativity in Career Development
Barry L. Davis, Career/Executive Coach, Gift of Self Career Services, LLC                                Concurrent Session 1 -Tuesday, 10:00 AM

Developed as the result of an accident in 1943, the Slinky ® has powerful applications for engaging creativity in career development. As important as science is in career development, career development is also an art. Creativity is not a limited resource but is available to all. Attend this unique program to learn the relationship between the Slinky® and careers as well as how to promote creativity in our clients and us.

Learning objectives, attendees will:

  • Identify 10 principles for career development from the Slinky®
  • Introduce practices that can engage the individual in creative though
  • Receive a list of books on developing creativity for career development

PURPOSE ( Praise, Understand, Remove, Practice, Open, Selfless, Empower)
Mark V Smith, Transformational Leadership Trainer/Speaker, The Process                               Concurrent Session 1 -Tuesday, 10:00 AM

One of the questions that everyone ask themselves at one point time is "What is my PURPOSE in life?" The answer to that question can be found in 7 steps that has always been in front of us.

Learning objectives, attendees will:

  • re-visit elements of their lives that made them who they are today.
  • take a sense of peace knowing they are moving in the right direction daily.
  • walk away with 7 steps to share with family, members, clients, customers to help them walk with value and self-worth.

Negotiating in a Post-Pandemic World: Salaries, Raises and More
Karen James Chopra, Career Counselor, ChopraCareers                                                         Concurrent Session 2 -Tuesday, 11:20 AM

Before the pandemic, asking for more money was the paramount concern in most workplace negotiations. Clients still need help negotiating job offers and raises. But now clients are also negotiating work location, work-from-home schedules, promotions and more, sometimes with people they have never met face-to-face. In this new world, clients are unsure of their leverage. Can they still ask for a higher starting salary? A raise? To be fully remote? Helping our clients navigate this new world of post-pandemic employment means rethinking our approaches to workplace negotiations.

Learning objectives, attendees will:

  • be able to assess both traditional and emerging sources of negotiating leverage.
  • be able to Identify negotiating objectives beyond salary and bonus.
  • understand how a hybrid workplace—both in-person and remote workers—can affect negotiations.

Access the Wisdom Within with Clean Language
Gina Campbell, Trainer, Clean Language Resources                                                          Concurrent Session 2 -Tuesday, 11:20 AM

Discover how asking Clean Language questions about clients’ own metaphors is the quickest, easiest, AND most effective way to help your clients discover their truest selves. By directing attention to the seeker’s exact words, a Clean Language facilitator can uncover the seeker’s subconscious metaphors that encode their wants, strategies, and beliefs-- the ones ‘driving the bus’, stealthily influencing their thoughts, feelings, and actions. Gina will demonstrate how to draw out this deeper wisdom, starting with a seeker’s stick-figure drawing. You will learn what it means to maintain a Clean Stance, and get a chance to experience being both facilitator and client, as we develop a metaphor for a client’s resourceful way of being when confronted with a situation over which they have little control, like a pandemic or forced job loss.

Learning objectives, attendees will:

  • understand the concepts of the Clean Stance and Clean Language, and how they empower a seeker’s self-exploration.
  • understand the role of metaphors in people’s capacity to change.
  • put their understanding into action by practicing using 3 Clean Language questions to draw out a resourceful internalized metaphor, while maintaining a Clean Stance

The Art of Being Stuck - Reframing the Stuck Story
Jessica Campain, Facilitator & Career Counselor                                                                            Concurrent Session 3 -Tuesday, 1:15 PM

So often people hit a wall in their goals or expectations of how their life should look and feel. This can be particularly devastating when one's feeling stuck or lost in their ability to have positive control in their own career. It is easy to become discouraged and after a time, hopeless. In this session we will explore creative reframes to support feeling more empowered and positive in challenging times.

Learning objectives, attendees will:

  • explore common examples and situations where people find themselves feeling stuck for extended periods of time.
  • learn at least three techniques in reframing and supporting a person who is feeling hopelessly stuck.
  • participate in experiential activities relating to the topic.

Zooming In or Zoning Out?
Linda Howard, PMP, CMC, Howard Consulting, LLC                                                                Concurrent Session 3 -Tuesday, 1:15 PM

For more than a year, you were physical distancing with your clients. You likely have clients who are not in your local area, continuing to require you to help them remotely. How do you build connection to each other online where you can’t see the full body language and where it may be harder to gauge emotions. In this session, you will learn techniques, activities, and tools to help you stay connected to your participants (peers, staff, teams, donors, clients, and/or customers), and even have fun in the process!

Learning objectives, attendees will:

  • get ideas on brainstorming, building connection, and increasing engagement in your sessions
  • learn how to use spectrum diagrams to gauge energy and emotions around a topic or idea
  • explore how you might take a “vote” on ideas

The Demise of the Elevator Pitch: How marketing principles change your introduction
Lynn Berger, Career Counselor/Coach, Private Practice                                                          Concurrent Session 4 - Wednesday, 9:00 AM
Win Sheffield, Career Coach, Private Practic

We are constantly presented with opportunities to introduce ourselves as are our clients. We have been taught that the way to manage this is by delivering an elevator, 20 second or heaven help us, a two-minute pitch. It is time to reconsider how we engage people and introduce ourselves effectively. To do this we need to take a page out of the book of consumer products experts who have spent many decades and untold thousands of dollars figuring out how to secure a listener’s attention and engage them in the conversation. Join career coaches Lynn Berger and Win Sheffield in an interactive workshop to learn a different approach that allows clients to approach networking more easily.

Learning objectives, attendees will:

  • learn to reframe their objectives in introducing themselves.
  • learn a simple approach to introducing themselves (future-past-present) and how to effectively develop an introduction template usable in different circumstances.
  • view role-plays demonstrating the results of different approaches to introducing themselves and opening up the conversation and have the opportunity to practice these skills themselves.

LinkedIn: Creating a Lifelong Habit
Daniel Coleman, Assistant Director, Career Advising, Yeshiva University                           Concurrent Session 4 - Wednesday, 9:00 AM

Research shows it takes about 40 days for something to become a habit. Learn how we used gamification to embed LinkedIn in the consciousness of students from a broad array of programs. Discover how to adopt & adapt these methods to encourage both individuals and groups to strategically grow their professional network.

Learning objectives, attendees will:

  • be able to adapt the method presented to help students/clients strategically grow their networks, and become habituated to networking.
  • learn how counselors can collect data via LinkedIn to gauge student success, establish and evaluate networking goals, and identify areas and opportunities for enhancing both client’s networking skills and their understanding of the competitive nature of the workforce.
  • identify a scalable measurable technique to assess and advance student/client progress and their comfort with networking.
  • reflect and exchange views on their ability to use this method to glean valuable metrics to better engage (groups of) students, and report on student engagement and outcomes to relevant stakeholders (e.g. administrators or prospective clients).

Innovative Networking Techniques for Extraordinary Times
Karen James Chopra, Career Counselor, ChopraCareers                                                      Concurrent Session 5 - Wednesday, 10:40 AM
& Jim Peacock
, Owner / Principal, Peak-Careers Consulting

There are many ways to effectively network and build relationships. It is not a one-size-fits-all process. Teaching career clients to network involves helping them develop their own unique approach to networking. If it is something they feel competent and comfortable doing, they are likely to do more of it. In this workshop, we will offer a range of innovative networking techniques for you to add to your toolkit. You’ll find inspiration for helping even the most reluctant of clients, and perhaps a few new ideas for yourself as well.

Learning objectives, attendees will:

  • learn how to ease client anxiety around networking
  • learn at least 5 different networking techniques
  • be able to match networking techniques to client needs -- Identify new or improved ways to improve their own networking

Innovative Job Hunting Tools For This Digital Age
Suja Joseph, Re-employment Program Manager                                                                     Concurrent Session 5 - Wednesday, 10:40 AM
Division of Workforce Development & Adult Learning, MD Dept. of Labor

This presentation will cover the use of innovative tools for job search in this digital age. We will go over tools such as Canva to create digital networking cards and infographic résumés and CV Augmenté to create Augmented Reality résumés. We will also look at innovative ways to use Social Media to create a Social Résumé.

Learning objectives, attendees will:

  • create a digital networking card using Canva
  • use Augmented Reality to create a more dynamic résumé
  • create a Social Résumé - rethink and strategically use social media as a digital résumé on sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and SnapChat
  • use Canva to create optimal social media posts and infographic résumés

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