Employer Panel:
Recruiting in
Extraordinary Times

Tuesday, November 9, 2:35 - 4:00 PM
Panel with Q&A, Wednesday conference highlights


 Last year was tough on recruiters. The pandemic and its   repercussions devastated some talent acquisition teams, heaped   new demands on others, and proved to be a historic change   agent as virtual recruiting and onboarding a remote workforce   became the norm for many. Join our employer panelists to learn     how organizations have been impacted by the global pandemic,   social justice and the DE&I movement.  Panelists will share their   insights about what career counselors can do to assist the   people they serve in these extraordinary times.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how employers are dealing with the current situation, and accommodating to changes in the job market.
  • Learn how companies are dealing with shifting/unfillable positions
  • Discuss the challenges organizations are experiencing now and anticipate in the future.
  • What digital tools are being used to address new hiring processes and creative ways of staffing/responding to the current challenges.
  • Advice we can share with jobseekers to optimize their employment prospects.

Angela J. Jackson 
Learning &
Federal Credit Union 

Kara Kehoe
Vice President
Talent Acquisition
    Applied Insight, LLC 

Carl A. Marrara
Vice President
Government Affairs
PA Manufacturers’ Assn.

Katy Rush

Penn State Health

Moderator, Nancy Fink

Nancy Fink brings with her a vast range of experience in both the public and private sectors.  She has worked in a management capacity in the human resource and training arenas in the temporary staffing, retail and banking environments.  This diverse background has promoted a sense of reality and humor in the numerous job acquisition seminars she has designed and presented. Nancy holds a BA in Sociology and French from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio and an MA in Education from The George Washington University in Washington, DC.  She was among the first 10 people in the United States to be certified as a Federal Job Search Trainer and Counselor. She has been affiliated with the Professional Outplacement Assistance Center in Linthicum, Maryland since its inception in 1992 and currently serves as its Director. Nancy is a Past President of MACCA and the Alumni Association of Case Western Reserve University. She is also the First Vice President for the Maryland Chapter of the International Association of Workforce Professionals (IAW) and the President Elect for the IAWP International Board and has been a frequent speaker at both IAWP and MACCA conferences.

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