Rich Feller Ph.D - Opening Keynote - November 9                                  

What Color Is Your Parachute & Beyond: Creating Future Ready Clients

Rich Feller will provide an interactive and video enhanced session offering insights that build on the great work of the past to REconnect and REcharge our efforts to make  clients REady.  Try some new tools, evaluate new techniques, and consider your role in disrupting the Cost-Quality-Access Triangle in Career  Work.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Try new tools to advance client clarity
  • Evaluate new counseling techniques
  • Consider their role in delivering new outcomes with insights from using the Cost-Quality-Access Triangle

Rich Feller Ph.D. LPC, JCTC, Professor Emeritus of Counseling and Career Development and one of 12 University Distinguished Teaching Scholars at Colorado State University served as the National Career Development Association President. A former school, vocational, and admissions counselor, and coordinator of graduate programs in Counseling and Career Development, and the Student Affairs in Higher Education program he taught within the Organizational Performance and Change graduate program. Consultant to NASA, UN, NFL, AARP, Modern Elder Academy, and organizations within all fifty states and on six continents, his publications include three books, 6 film series, and over 125 articles and book chapters. Co-founder of the Who You Are Matters! board game and virtual, and the OnlineStoryteller. He recently led the National Science Foundation’s GAUSSI career program, created, and served as Chief Advisor to Executive Director of and lead trainer for the Job and Career Development Coach program, he is Pearson’s Career Decision Making System co-author and career consultant to Semester at Sea. His international consultations include projects in Sudan, Egypt, Thailand, China, Korea, Japan, Australia, Singapore, India, Saudi Arabia, Canada and Europe.

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